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Juju & Jordash NL, Dekmantel


Saturday, July 2nd 2011 // 19.30 // Giardino S.Caterina
DJ Set

It has already been ten years since Juju & Jordash met at the Haifa harbour, in Israel. In that time, they were living very differently, but they met thanks to the be-bop jam session which they partook in every week. For all the '90s, both Juju & Jordash played and composed music for various post rock, jazz, folk and experimental formations during the day. At night, to compensate, they would both experiment with electronic dance music, which they soon would have made together. 
In 2003 Juju & Jordash officially joined forces, and two years later their first release came out on the historic Detroit label Psychostasia, followed by great singles and EPs on labels such as Cisco in Japan, Real Soon in London,  Aesthetic Audio in the U.S., Deep Explorer in Spain, Dekmantel in Holland and soon on the English label Golf Channel.
Describing the music of Juju & Jordash is not easy. It is a singular fusion of electronica and acoustic, lounge and reggae, Detroit-like techno, post rock and free jazz, futuristic music with an eye towards the past, with influences that go from Ryuichi Sakamoto to Telonius Monk, through Kraftwerk, Mr. Fingers, Cabaret Voltaire and to Ornette Coleman. With many ongoing productions, Juju & Jordash continue to make other music, which is the daily joy of someone like Juju, who has not put down his guitar since the age of ten, and someone like Jordash, who has been sitting at his piano since five. They are currently based in Amsterdam, where they work in close contact with Fortress Music Studios.
Other than the live performance with Move D, the duo will accompany us in a warm afternoon DJ set.



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