Dancity festival

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Oorutaichi e il coro dell'Oratorio di Bevagna JP


Friday, July 1st 2011 // 19.15 // Auditorium S.Caterina

Oorutaichi began his career in 1999, inspired by artists such as The Residents and The Doors. In trying to crystallise his inspirations, he composed his first recording, made up of improvised multi-tracks on a cassette tape, then entitled ?. His free-flowing melodic talent brought him to develop his own language, a strangely combined style that moves with dancehall “pathos” and mutant groove, like an offspring of electronica and folk.
In 2003, his first album Yori Yoyo came out followed by Drifting my folklore in 2007 and MISEN Gymnastics EP for Bearfunk in the UK. He has also collaborated with Masako Yasumoto, one of the most famous dancers in Japan. Oorutaichi has performed with Juana Molina in Philadelphia and at the SXSW in Texas during his USA tour. In May of 2010 he participated in the Biennale of Sydney, in Australia.
At the Dancity Festival, Oorutaichi will present the songs composed for his group "Urichipangoon" together with the children's choir of the Bevagna Oratory, directed by maestro Elga Ciancaleoni: a meeting of different worlds, with strong and apparently distant traditions, through capable of inventing a new playful language.



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