Dancity festival

electronic music and digital arts festival

Steffi NL, Klakson, Ostug Ton


Friday, July 1st 2011 // 02.30 // Outdoor Stage Candiotti
DJ Set

Panorama Bar is without a doubt the temple of modern house music. A place of worship for fans of the genre, where the speakers sound out warm, emotional, passionate house music. The great classics of the past blend with the best current productions, creating a unique and unmistakable sound. Steffi is one of the resident DJs of the club; she manages two labels, Klakson and more recently Dolly, and works on studio productions. After the launch of some singles for Ostgut Ton and Underground Quality, her début album Yours & Mine comes out in 2011, which we would have titled “How house music from the past would sound  nowadays”. Steffi loves to define her mixing technique as “original”, in the strictest sense of the term: soft overlapping between disks and extremely sensitive equalisation of each track played make this DJ a widely respected and important player the underground scene worldwide.


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