Dancity festival

electronic music and digital arts festival

Teamlab Net and Mjuc (JP)


Friday, July 1st 2011 // 22.30 // Auditorium S. Domenico

Teamlab Net is a Tokyo based multimedia art company. Mjuc, Hideaki Takahashi, collaborates in creating the sound enviorment to Teamlab Net installations.
At Dancity Festival Back to the Future, Teamlab Net will be presenting, for the first time ever outside of Japan, the Teamlab Net balls, an innovative and interactive light and sound experience. Recreating fun-filled childhood days, where anything and everything is improvised into musical instruments, the Teamlab Net balls are 1.5m diameter helium-filled spheres containing built-in sensors, micro-computers and light-emitting diodes (LED), which change the color of the balls when they are touched. Teamlab Net and Mjuc at Dancity Festival will make us players in a game of sounds, lights and colors and make us see and listen with childish awe.



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