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Populous IT, Morr Music


Saturday, July 2nd 2011 // 17.30 // Giardino S.Caterina

Andrea Mangia (a.k.a. Populous) is an eclectic electronic musician born and raised in the Salento area (Puglia, southern Italy).
In 2002 he was signed with the Berlin label Morr Music, a cult label known worldwide for its halfway between pop and avantgarde sounds, for which he made 3 albums.
He appeared in many compilations dedicated to new sounds.
He remixed tracks by Roy Paci, D_rradio, Casa Del Mirto, Saroos, Crimea X, Perturbazione, Telekinesis, X-coast, Infantjoy, Blake e/e/e, Dadahack etc.
He collaborated with singer/songwriter Giorgio Tuma, indie band Studiodavoli, experimental artist Pierpaolo Leo and New York singer Short Stories.
His videos were played in rotation on various music television channels such as Mtv and All Music.
One of his tracks was used as soundtrack for a JC Penney lingerie commercial in the U.S.
With Rechenzentrum, Burnt Friedman, Deadbeat etc. he took part in the documentary on popular music of the Campania region by the Mediaterrae cultural association and Blow up magazine.
He won the Premio 2061 award – Italian electronic music of the future.
He shared the folk acoustic project Girl With The Gun with Matilde Davoli (formerly Studiodavoli), edited by Disastro/cramps (same label as Il Genio).

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