Dancity festival

electronic music and digital arts festival

AD Bourke IT, Citinite


Saturday, July 2nd 2011 // 18.30 // Giardino S.Caterina

Sometimes it doesn’t take more than a little flourish of echo, that one little wah stab on the guitar or a neat little squeak from a synth to make a beat stand out – just check AD’s new EP on Citinite for proof. If you get a whole tape bristling with moments like these, gracefully dancing through an abundance of ideas while never losing touch with the groove – then you have something special indeed. Something like the tape that got the half British, half Italian producer AD Bourke his first release on Domu’s Treble-O Records. If you’re left with any doubts, this synth wizard won’t hesitate to unleash his magical madness in a live setting. Your puzzled ears will have you believe you’re seeing neon fireworks.



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