Dancity festival

electronic music and digital arts festival

Filastine US/ES, Jarring Effects, Soot, Shockout, ROMZ, Uber Lingua


Friday, July 1st 2011 // 23.00 // Outdoor Stage Candiotti

Grey Filastine is a musician/producer based in Barcelona, but you will hardly find him in Catalonia. In a London club, on a floating raft on the Mississippi river, at Shambhala festival in Canada, at a tiny break-core party in Osaka, or in front of forty-thousand people at the Boulevards Hip Hop Festival in Casablanca, Filastine could be anywhere. He is a citizen of the world; his research journey began in the U.S. Then to Rio de Janeiro, where he absorbs batucada, then towards Africa to gain a deep knowledge of Moroccan music in the village of Jajouka. In his home town, Seattle, the movement against globalisation was born. The Infernal Noise Brigade, a 20 piece marching band created by him, was the soundtrack to the famous rallies of 1999. You will see him on stage, telling tales of his travels, playing acoustic percussion and a shopping cart while synchronizing live videos. A musical magma which gathers rhythms and melodies, from middle eastern to tribal  influences, crossed with slivers of break-beat and hip-hop.


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