Dancity festival

electronic music and digital arts festival

Tim Exile UK, Warp Records, Planet MU


Friday, July 1st 2011 // 01.30 // Auditorium S. Domenico

Tim Shaw sang in church choirs, but he also played drum and bass and has a degree in philosophy and a masters in electro-acoustics and composition. An eclectic character who very early in life began to handle electronic instruments and compose music, finding a spot with labels such as Moving Shadow, Beta Recordings, Renegade Hardware, until reaching the legendary Planet Mu and Warp records. Futuristic pop with experimental and staggering electronic bases, histrionic audio-abuse, breakcore, jungle, techno and mash up, with sudden and surprising rhythm changes; an unequalled sound, played with the aid of strange machines, softwares and effects, almost always created on his own. In his live performances he constantly looks for audience interaction, giving life to a 'gabbaret' centred mostly on abrasive sounds, samples, audio effects and convulsions on demand that not even Britney Spears could resist. Truly unique.


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