Dancity festival

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DJ Krush JP, Mo Wax, Sony, Columbia


Friday, July 1st 2011 // 00.00 // Outdoor Stage Candiotti
DJ Set

Defining DJ Krush, born in 1962, a pioneer of hip-hop and trip-hop music, or downbeat if you prefer, is not an exaggeration. With DJ Shadow he revolutionised the image of the DJ; not only the one who selects and mixes music, but a true and actual musician, able to transform vinyls into authentic musical instruments capable of unthinkable peaks of expression up until not long ago. The film Wild Style introduced him to the world of hip hop in the early 80's, and in 1987 he formed the band Krush Posse, considered amongst the best hip hop bands in Japan. He begins his solo career after the break up of the band in 1992, he launches his first album Krush in 1994, followed by countless records distributed worldwide. All his solo work has reached the top of various charts not only in Japan, and his sixth album Zen was awarded Best Electronica Album at the 2002 AIFM Awards. DJ Krush constantly expands his field from soundtracks for films, TV dramas and commercials to live sessions with various musicians that transcend music genres. American underground rap classics blending with traditional Japanese melodies, Kraftwerkian experiments perfectly joined by jazz solos, powerful beats intersecting with liquid echoes, all created in real time in front of the listener. A DJ in concert. 


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