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Luminodisco IT, DWDK


Saturday, July 2nd 2011 // 16.30 // Giardino S.Caterina
DJ Set

Luminodisco is the new name of made in Italy disco, a project that is firmly linked to DWDK (Danny Was A Drag King) by Ajello, the latest Hell Yeah label. Luminodisco is the moniker behind which we find Federico Costantini, resident of the Exe-cute party, eclectic artist with southern Italian blood and a Roman soul. As in the greatest of traditions, he began to bother his neighbours with post-rock, but was then struck by Kraftwerk on the way to Damascus, thus placed his guitar back in the closet and began to lovingly fidget with synthesizers and vocoder. After the launch of his first 12” in March 2011 called Questo Amore Splendido, a groove love story in a disco-house key, on May 16th 2011 he released the brand new Balerama, obviously still for DWDK. All that's left to do now is sit comfortably and wait for what seems to be the prospect of one of the hottest artists in the Italian mirror ball scene, present and future. 



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