Dancity festival

electronic music and digital arts festival

Arandel & Dancity Ensemble FR, InFiné


Saturday, July 2nd 2011 // 00.00 // Auditorium S. Domenico

Arandel: saxophone, hapidrum, stylophone, melodica, flutes, percussions, theremin
Dancity Ensemble:
Andrea Cortesi, violin
Elga Ciancaleoni, viola
Marco Becchetti, cello
Ermanno Vallini, cello
Mauro Ottolini, trombone
Mario De Santis, trombone
Maurizio Marrani, piano

Despite the fact that his identity remains secret, the musical characteristics of Arandel could not be more distinct: inspired by contemporary classical music, he combines European minimal techno music with 20th century minimalism, obtaining something that is avant-garde and danceable simultaneously. Arandel is a precise and methodical character, who follows a series of self imposed restrictions, based on the Dogma95 method of film-maker Lars Von Trier: the “sound dogma” requires that all sounds be played and recorded by the artist himself, without MIDI, samplers or digital sounds of any kind. Other than keyboards and drums, In D, his first and only album at the moment, was composed with an array of acoustic instruments, from the flute to the sylophone, from the hapi drum to the bass moving through the violin, trombone and saxophone. In D is a work of space, rich in details and 'micro-accidents' that give the final touch to its low-fi surface. For the first time in Italy, Arandel will present his album, played live with his band. 

Andrea Cortesi ows his solid classical preparation to violinists Béla Csanyi, Corrado Romano and Massimo Quarta. A musician of extreme curiosity, he is active in all musical genres. He has played with some of the most important names in music worldwide: L.Bacalov, E. Morricone, Yo-Yo Ma, S. Accardo, K. Ricciarelli, S. Rigacci, B.Canino, E.Bronzi, A. Blau. He has also collaborated with an array of top composers and arrangers such as Philip Glass and Giovanni Sollima. He is currently lead violinist in the ESO (Ensemble Symphony Orchestra), an orchestra touring with Mario Biondi and Sting.

Elga Ciancaleoni, born in Foligno, received her diplomas in Violin, Viola and Opera at the Conservatorio di Musica di Perugia and a degree in Musical Studies, specialising 18th and 20th century Singing-Musical Theatre. After taking violin courses with Maestro Cristiano Rossi, and viola with Maestro Alfonso Ghedin, she had professional experiences with various chamber ensembles, orchestras and symphony orchestras also as lead viola, in Italy and abroad, accompanying famed soloists such as Richard Galliano, Bruno Canino, Stefano Bollani, George Benson and others.

Marco Becchetti, eclectic Umbrian musician. An art and nature lover, he is an aficionado and frequent visitor of the Umbria territory to which he has dedicated his latest album entitled  “Paesaggio Umbro" with music by A. Rossi. He often travels around the world with his instruments: classic and electric cello, fiddle, rebec and viol. He has participated in many recording projects as chamber musician beside great names of the international music scene, as well as soloist. He also dedicates his time to extemporary improvisation.

Ermanno Vallini, born into an artistic family, refined his skills with Franco Maggio, Mario Brunello and Rocco Filippini. He also has a second level degree in Chamber music with piano, obtained under the guide of Maestro Costantino Mastroprimiano. He is very active in concert activities, which have brought him to play alongside important soloists and in important concert halls in Italy and abroad. 

Mauro Ottolini received his trombone diploma at the Conservatorio “Dall Abaco” di Verona, with top scores under the guidance of Maestro Lorenzo Rigo, and continued to study with Maesto Mario Pezzotta. He attended finishing courses by di Michel Bequet and studied briefly in Los Angeles with Bill Booth. In 2002 he receives his jazz diploma at the Conservatorio “Bonporti” in Trento with Maestro Franco D'Andrea. He has playes, among others, with Carla Blay, Maria Schneider, Tony Scott, Steve Swallow, Enrico Rava, Grace Jones, Lucio Dalla, Vinicio Capossela.

Mario De Santis received his Trumpet and Trombone diploma with top scores at the Conservatorio Morlacchi di Perugia. He has played in several concerts with various ensembles of chamber music, lyric orchestras and symphony orchestras. He currently teaches music at the Istituto Comprensivo "N. Alunno" in Belfiore.

Maurizio Marrani, pianist, keyboard player and composer, has performed in some of the most important music festivals such as "Siena Jazz" 2008, "Umbria Jazz" 1990, "Jazz Fest" 1992-94,"Metronome" 1998, "Young in Town" 2007 etc. He has also had the possibility to collaborate and play with high caliber musicians such as Massimo Manzi, Marco Tamburini, Pierre Drevet, Alberto Borsari, Manu Roche, Stefano Cantini, Daniele Di Gregorio, Maurizio Giammarco and many others. He has also taken part in several theatrical collaborations as composer and musician. He has been involved for many years in teaching in city music schools in Umbria.


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