Dancity festival

electronic music and digital arts festival

Shackleton & the Foligno Quintana Drummers UK, Skull Disco


Thursday, June 27th 2013 // 19 // Piazza S. Domenico (Free Entry)


Shackleton & The Foligno Quintan Drummers
(Quintana Jousting Tournament association)

The 8th edition of Dancity Festival, entitled “A Unitary Urbanism”, is in fact inspired by the concepts of this phenomenon which re-defines art, placing it within the environment surrounding it, juxtaposed to its very idea, according to which it should instead be disconnected from the social contexts where it lives and grows. Art in all its forms therefore takes hold of the physical spaces and historical mutations which accompany it. At Dancity Festival 2013, this translates into the creation of performances and artistic projects connected to the local area, making up an ideal and experimental city, integrated but specific, which therefore offer a new sensory and intellectual experience for its visitors.
The collaboration project with the Quintana jousting tournament was born with the spirit of this theme, for the 400th anniversary of this historical city festival. Dancity Festival will open its doors with an inaugural event featuring the Foligno Quintana Drummers performing original music especially written by Shackleton, one of the most influential electronic music producers in the world, who will perform a live concert alongside the local drummers. The event will take place on Thursday the 27th in Piazza San Domenico, the first of the Festival calendar, and aims to extract this cultural town symbol from its classic context and re-interpret it in a new, contemporary and experimental fashion.


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