Dancity festival

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DeepAlso IT, Persona Records


Friday, June 28th 2013 // 00,45 // Serendipity Play Room

DeepAlso is Andrea Sartori, born in Verona and currently living in Bologna. Expert on the application of digital technology to audio, he starts his own music research in 2000, while studying Information Technology at the University of Bologna. Immediately attracted by experimental electronic music, in few years he becomes a leading artist of the Italian electronic scene after releasing “Il Tagliacode” (2007 Persona Records), which allows him to perform at main Northern Europe digital art festivals. His music is made of polished rhythms, evocative sounds, reverberations and hypnotic synth lines, something that can hardly be trapped into a genre label. After founding Homework, a decennial cultural association promoting digital art around Bologna, he begins to work as a sound designer. This activity, which brought him to Berlin for two years,  leads him to further his electronic music research and to look for new impulses. Andrea is strongly convinced of the computer’s expressive potential and, after collaborating with various sound engineers, he dives into designing new machines able to interact between human movement and sound synthesis. In 2010 he creates his own first prototype of musical instrument, the “Sartofono”, which can translate percussions, accelerations and transfers in empty space into sound modulations. At the moment he’s involved in different live projects with musicians such as Julian Carax, and recently Giovanni Guidi, Beppe Scardino, Cristiano Calcagnile, Joe Rehmer and John De Leo for the project “Il Bidone”, lead by trombonist Gianluca Petrella. His second prototype came to light after meeting with Petrella: the “Trombofono", an advanced electronic trombone able to produce very powerful bass sounds. Recently, his absolutely eccentric remix of “Grand Prix”, the soundtrack of a famous TV program whose melody is inevitably impressed in the Italian collective imagination, has been released with the Italian-German label “Slowmotion”.

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