Dancity festival

electronic music and digital arts festival

Arttu GER, Clone Records


Saturday, June 29th 2013 // 23,30 // Palazzo Candiotti

Previously producing under the name of Lump, Arttu has been making music, animations, art pieces, films, graffiti, and waves since late 80’s. Raised in northern Finland, in 1998 he moved to London to work as an animator and sample the club scene with all its different musical genres. The bass heavy Jamaican dub sounds of London infused him with a desire to create, and he released his first record as Lump in 2002 on Cologne's Sub Static label. After 10 years in London he built a music studio in Lisbon, Portugal. Breaking from animation Arttu focused fully on music production with the intent to grow his musical vision. In early 2011, his music had transformed into something so different that he began to release under a new name, his own - Arttu. Rejecting the wonders of the latest music software he went back to his roots and made old hissy analogue gear the foundation of his new sound. First up two records came out on Soulphiction's Philpot label. On top of his solo music, Arttu formed Lisbon Alien Orchestra with 2 fellow foreigners in Lisbon: Jerry the Cat and another Finn, Jari Marjamaki.
As a live act Arttu presents a 100% hardware set which combines the raw analog beats with jacking house rhythms and scatter shot explosions of soul.


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