Dancity festival

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Vincenzo Vasi presents Dervishi IT, Tremoloa Records/I Dischi di Angelica


Friday, June 28th 2013 // 18,00 // Auditorium S. Domenico


Vincenzo Vasi: theremin, electric bass, voice, electronics, toys, ukulele, Dervishi
Valeria Sturba: theremin, violin, voice, toys, electronics, Dervishi

From a completely manual kind of Lo-Fi Dolby Surround, intense and penetrating sound rotations begin to take form, and while following different speeds and directions, they immerse the listener into a unique sensory experience, which forces the oblivion of one's own sound perception and the total lapse into that of the Dervishi. Created by electronic engineer Sandro Grassia, this new analog audio effect, made by placing a series of amplifiers in a circle formation around the audience, is one of the ingredients of “Ooopopoiooo”, the project in which two explosive theremin players express themselves in a visceral research of their own instrument, focusing on the interactions of tone, melody and harmony.
And so we mention Vincenzo Vasi, one of the most eclectic musicians in the vast galaxy of heterodox music of all kinds: his style embraces surprising genres, from experimental electronic music to cult pop. Active in music research (Trio Magneto, Ella Guru, Gastronauti, Orchestra Spaziale…) since 1990, he has made over 40 CDs and often collaborates with Vinicio Capossela, Mike Patton, Mauro Ottolini, Sousaphonix and Roy Paci; he produced the album “Vince Vasi qy lunch” (Etnagigante/v2). Other than playing with artists of uncanny talent  (Chris Cutler, Tony Coe, Butch Morris, Antonello Salis, Pierre Favre, Phil Minton, Paolo Angeli, Gianluca Petrella, Cristina Zavalloni, Otomo Yoshihide, Lol Coxill, OminoStanco, Steve Piccolo, Wang inc., Joey Baron, Ikue Mori, Lukas Ligeti, John Zorn…) he recently published the solo theremin project “Braccio Elettrico” and “PerFavoreSing” along with pianist Giorgio Pacorig, and the aforementioned “Ooopopoiooo” (2011), a mix of electronic, noise, ambient and minimal music, rich with moments of improvisation during which Valeria Sturba, the other part of the duo, joins in with her violin.
This is in fact the instrument chosen by the young musician for her studies at the Pescara Conservatory before moving to Bologna, where she collaborated with various singer-songwriters (Cesare Livrizzi, Federico Sirianni, Germano Bonaveri, Paolo Fiorucci, Daniele Faraotti), and was able to expand her own musical horizons, from rock to tango, with the audacious and charming addition of the violin to the theremin. Having participated in a number of festivals (Lugo Contemporanea, Frequenze Parallele, Spore…) and played with many artists (Dimitri Sillato, Giancarlo Bianchetti, Pepe Medri, Fabrizio Puglisi, Diego Cofone, Filippo Monico, Tiziano Popoli…) she is currently involved in a series of projects, including Caligari Caligari Bros, Vale(2), I Musicanti di Braina, ItanosTango, Musica Libera and others.



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