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One Circle IT


Friday, June 28th 2013 // 02,00 // Serendipity Play Room

A self-proclaimed three-headed sonic monster, "O" a.k.a. One Circle is an exclusive Club to Club production. The trio was born in Istanbul from the Italian minds of Vaghe Stelle, Stargate & A:RA - but as One Circle, you can't tell where one ends and the other begins. O made their debut in Turin, Italy, during the 2011 edition of Club to Club festival to worldwide critical acclaim. Later on, they were described by Resident Advisor as "a rough and ready collision pitched somewhere between Daft Punk, Nathan Fake and Sunn O)))".
Combining the sound of producers hailing from different territories, One Circle rides the post-everything wave. Their original musical productions are a language crossroads of sound and lights, a unique blend of new dancefloor "psychedelia" (Vaghe Stelle), deep fragmented rhythm and bass (A:RA), and post trance drifts (Stargate). Their first EP is being mixed as we speak, in mid-2013.


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