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Robert Hood USA, M-Plant/Duet


Friday, June 28th 2013 // 01,45 // Serendipity Outdoor

Robert Hood needs little introduction. Founding member of the legendary group Underground Resistance as a 'Minister Of Information' with ‘Mad’ Mike Banks & Jeff Mills, his seminal works on Jeff Mill's Axis and his very own M-Plant imprint paved the way for a wave of stripped-down dancefloor minimalism that directed much of techno's path throughout the late Nineties. Robert Hood makes minimal Detroit techno with an emphasis on soul and experimentation over flash and popularity. Having recorded for Metroplex, Jeff Mills's Axis label, as well as Patrick Pulsingers 'Cheap' label, Peacefrog, and more recently Music Man, Hood also owns and operates the M-Plant imprint, through which he's released the bulk of his solo material. He has only ever released 2 CD mixes, one for French label Logistic, and a mix for the club 'Fabric' mix series. In the early 90's he began to concentrate on his own production 'Vision EP'. The 'Riot EP' and X-102 were big stepping-stones for him as they were the first releases he worked 100% on his own. X-101 to X-102 were Waveform Transmission projects with Mills for Tresor. He slowly progressed to work more and more on his own, but collaborated on some of the first Axis releases with label owner Jeff Mills as H&M (Hood & Mills) with ‘Tranquilizer EP’ and ‘Drama’. He soon decided it was time for him to start his own label to focus on what was in his soul musically. M-Plant started in ’94. Releasing singles such as "Internal Empire,", “The Protein Valve” "Music Data," and "Moveable Parts", "The Pace", more recently "Range", "Alpha" and that isn't even touching his other monikers Floorplan, Monobox, The Vision, etc. Although his desire to remain underground has been replaced by an urge to reach a wider audience, Hood remains fiercely critical of artistic and economic movements destructive to inner-city communities and has combined his musical enterprises with outreach and social activist ends. With this in mind, the seminal ‘Nighttime World Pt.1’ in 1995 and ‘Nighttime World Pt.2’ in 2000 incorporating Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop as well as Techno and House. More recent projects with M-Plant include the apocalyptic-minded techno album “Omega” in 2010 (inspired directly by novel “I am Legend” by Richard Matheson and film “The Omega Man”), “Omega: Alive” in 2011, a new interpretation of the film-inspired album in 2011, and “Motor: Nighttime World 3” in 2012, the latest album to date, described as masterful, painfully human machine music.


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