Dancity festival

electronic music and digital arts festival

Metro Area USA, Environ


Saturday, June 29th 2013 // 00,45 // Palazzo Candiotti

Metro Area, the duo responsible for setting many standards across the dance music spectrum (particularly disco and house) in the last decade, has been mostly quiet since their sole album was released in 2002.  However, the ever-growing crop of worldwide club-goers still find themselves drenched in the reverberations of Metro Area's influence, still echoing today in the output of dance music's most popular labels and artists and through DJs playing their influential 12"s. With each member in pursuit of solo endeavors - Morgan Geist via his increasingly popular Storm Queen alias, and Darshan Jesrani with his distinct, punchy remixes and his new Startree label - Metro Area find themselves driven in new directions individually.  However, despite regular DJ gigs together, an unexpected itch has returned to perform their own creations live. Geist and Jesrani felt there could be no better way to scratch it than to revisit and reinvigorate the Metro Area live set. Metro Area's live performance remains talked about and continues to be requested regularly worldwide, despite 10 years since the duo stopped performing it. This new live set, consisting of re-worked and enhanced "classics" from their early records alongside new, live-only material, will see the duo embrace the the same ethos of their celebrated live performances, but without the creative shackles of late 20th-century technology. By using new hardware and software tools, Metro Area hope to create a truly spontaneous experience of their inimitable sound. Once again, Metro Area will set out to rock theories of time and space.


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