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Maria Minerva EST, 100% Silk, Not Not Fun


Friday, July 6th 2012 // 00.30 // Serendipity Indoor

After studying in her hometown, Tallian, Maria Juur (real name of Maria Minerva) decides to move to London and enroll in a masters in Art and Theory at Goldsmith followed by an internship at The Wire. In London she also receives a grant for Estonian musicians abroad. However, her record-producing history begins when Amanda and Britt Brown of LA Vampires, after seeing her videos on youtube, enroll her in the label NotNotFun, publishing 20 tracks in different formats. Maria releases everything in 2011: the cassette Tallin at Dawn followed by the album Cabaret Cixous for NotNotFun, then for the twin label 100%Silk the disco-weird EPs Sacred & Profane and Love Noble Savage.
Maria creates a sensual character made of digital strangeness, remixes, suffocated sounds and hypnagogic pop images between blasphemy (Soo High was censored on youtube) and intellectual citations (
Hélène Cixous and dancing with Gilles Deleuze).
Aware and tough, Maria Minerva declares she does not want to be a passing seasonal phenomenon, but to continue with experimental music. Since 2011 until now she has embarked on a world tour and performed at important festivals worldwide.

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