Dancity festival

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Stellar OM Source NL, Big Love


Saturday, July 7th 2012 // 00.00 // Serendipity Indoor

Stellar OM Source is the solo project of electronic musician, producer, DJ and artist Christelle Gualdi. Christelle, Parisian with Italian origins, who has lived mainly in the Netherlands, has always been more at ease with mixers and synthesizers, rather than make-up and dressy clothes. Her father, blues musician and electronic composer, introduced her to music, having her listen to Tangerine Dream, Ash ra Tempel and Jean Michelle Jarre. As a teenager she studied classical music, learning to play the piano, violin, saxophone, bass and cello, but maintaining an intuitive approach towards music. After various self-produced releases, in 2011 she published Trilogy Select, a compilation gathering her best recordings with Olde English Spelling Bee. Also in 2011 is the release of  the Christmas Split 7" (Big Love Records) with Nite Jewel. In her new album, Christelle introduces drum machines in her set, and channels her new-kosmiche towards dance sounds. The choice of bringing her music to clubs is correlated to the need for re-discovery of a warmer, more human and enrapturing dimension of fruition, something more and more infrequent, just like the analog synths used by Christelle and preferred by the glacial digital scene. Loyal to machines and electronica, Stellar OM Source has never surrendered to the call of the laptop, too much freedom and too many pre-sets, she says. Gualdi's sound today is more inspired by Doris Norton and the Detroit pioneers, and taps heavily into Underground Resistance and "UK acid parties". She has shared a stage with Nite Jewels, Emeralds, Oneothrix Point Never, Panda Bear, Sonic Boom, Teengirl Fantasy, playing mainly in Europe and in the States.


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