Dancity festival

electronic music and digital arts festival

Ital USA, 100% Silk, Planet Mu


Friday, July 6th 2012 // 02.30 // Serendipity Indoor

Ital is the moniker of Daniel Martin-McCormick, musician, singer and producer, well-known also for other projects like Mi Ami, a disco/punk duo with David “Magic Touch” Palermo, and Sex Worker, an hypnotical dark disco solo project released by NotNotFun.
Raised in Washington DC, Daniel was part of the city's hardcore scene: he was part of Dischord Records under the name Black Eyes and at the same time he produced dance-inspired tracks, but with a different flair compared to his peers and with a plodding knowledge of music history.
Prolific producer, Ital has done several remixes and has more in store, among them the Hieroglyphic Being remix for his label Lover’s Rock, and also LA Vampires, Maria Minerva and various Tri Angle artists.
In February 2012 Hive Mind was released by Planet Mu: mental and tactile dance music, that grinds and beheads house/techno through a unique and liberating sonorous world. The simple 4/4 house music structure conceals many more baroque sound explorations;  subverting expectations, McCormick chases the link between defusing sound-bending of dub and industrial, and the groove of classic house, joined with the effects and the emptiness of minimal in its weirdest form.


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