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Friday, July 3rd 2015 // 22:00 // Palazzo Trinci
DJ Set


Marco Socci, aka Dj Soch, was born in Foligno, in Umbria, a small region in the center of Italy. In the mid 80s he begins to approach djing, mixing funk, rap, hip house and house music in all its forms, from deep to acid, from Chicago to Detroit sounds. He signed releases and remixes for Deep Touch Records, Time Has Changed, Love Unlimited Vibes, Minnesanger, and Mind Your Hate, his first own label. In 2013 Dj T chooses his track “Up and Down” for “25 Years of Djing” compilation, and Dj Soch appears near international artists as Romanthony, Dave Clarke, Mathew Jonson, Deetron, Isoole, Murk. In 2014 he creates Black Angus Records, a new label which reflects his background, made of house and techno, with influences from disco to electronic music. He doesn't like being labelled; he mixes deep house with the best European techno, reaching Detroit sounds and rare grooves. His DJ sets reflect his soul; he likes to think of them as a voyage from sunset till dawn, a summer rainstorm with thunder, lighting, and suddenly sunshine again. Now he is DJ resident at Serendipity club and Gate123 “one night”, the coolest house and techno party in central Italy, where he shares the console with artists such as Nick Höppner, James Priestley, Analogue Cops , Ryan Elliott, Tom Trago, Tobias, Nina Kraviz, Mr G, Delano Smith, Trus'me, Craig Richards and many others.


Stefano Tucci is born in Foligno (PG) in 1973. The music he listens to during his youth is various. Rap, Funk, Soul. In 1988-89 he hears the first house sounds and is left fascinated. The genre appears straight away something innovative to him and a musical expression of a new culture. He moves around in nightlife starting his first trips to the most meaningful clubs of the movement (especially Ethos). The first experience as a dj is at Mito on Sunday afternoons, a discotheque in the area of Foligno.But it's by Summer the Saturday night residence arrives, together with the staff of Red Zone, alongside Sauro Cosimetti. The beginning of experiences in all clubs in the region, both as guest and resident (Subway, Red Zone in the Coffee Room, Etoile 54, Formula Uno, Gradisca, Feedback, Urban). Experiences during which he plays and meets internationally renowned djs.Music His passion for music takes him working in one of the best known record shops in town for about ten years, Musica Musica. In the same period he becomes a partner of Domus, a famous club in the old town of Perugia. In 2001, in his club, he creates STOMP, a midweek night and appointment still today one of the most appreciated in the clubbing world of the region. He will share his small console of Domus with Ricky Montanari, Dino Angioletti, Jose De Divina, James Priestley, Joe Montana, Ricky L, Sauro Cosimetti and the most appreciated local djs.In Autumn 2008 he is called by Ralf to play at BellaCiao, a night which takes place every second Sunday bringing a crowd of very loyal and dedicated clubbers from all over Italy.In 2011 he held the residency at the Red Zone,one of the best House Club in Italy.


A 40 year old guy from Perugia (Italy) buys his first vinyl at the age of 12 and from the moment he buys a mixer and two turntables, the decision is easily made. He makes his debut in 1995 and next years he plays in all best clubs in central Italy. In 2007 he comes into contact with Dancity, a cultural association of Umbria which organizes dance events of high musical profile. He was a dj in the evenings of Dancity, he actively collaborated with the organization and promotion of all the activities of the association, including the ‘Dancity Festival’, which takes place in the summer. He is also involved in the project ‘Bellaciao' since the first episode, he is one of the djs of the console of the twice-weekly parties organized by dj Ralf at the Urban club in Perugia. At the moment he’s working every Saturday night at Red Zone club (Perugia), like resident dj in both rooms (main room and B_Side room). He’s active in studio and he’s working on a live tour with the F.D.X. project, an analogue dance music trio. The maniac of sound quality continues until today to prefer using the vinyl on his dj set. In his selections, ranging from downbeat more refined to the more modern shades of techno, you can appreciate the ‘black’ vein which characterizes his musical background. His ongoing research and the possibility to express themselves in reality totally different among them, make that his sets will always be in perfect balance between experimentation and pure club music.

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