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Marco Cucchia IT, Hi Tech Robotz


Saturday, July 4th 2015 // 03:30 // Serendipity Indoor Rec Room
DJ Set

Marco Cucchia has been active as a DJ and producer since 1990. Resident at Red Zone and other top clubs in Italy and Europe, he has been one of the first Italian DJs to perform abroad (Canada, Japan, England, Scotland and more). He produces for SVR, with remixes for Speedy J (Positive energy/Reincarnation) and the Scottish Soma Records, still one of the most important labels in the electronic music scene worldwide. In 1994 some of his tracks have been featured in the 12x12 compilation released by Toronto's Stickman records. Currently producing for Deep Throat Records: the label is releasing both on vinyl and digital and is proudly collaborating wih Claudio Coccoluto. Marco Cucchia has recently remixed tracks from Jovonn, Kid Batchelor and more. He is also working with "Hi Tech Robotz", a crew that produces and promotes parties featuring some of the world's biggest names in techno and electronic music, such as Detroit legend Kevin Saunderson.

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