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The Balding Buddies iT, Rec Room Serendipity


Sunday, July 5th 2015 // 15:00 // Cantina Scacciadiavoli
DJ Set

Long time friends, Fabi8bit and DJ Oskie first met in the 90s, among spray paint cans and skateboards. After devoting their youth to these activities and to music, the Balding Buddies project came to be only decades later. Starting out as a crazy idea in the Serendipity club dressing room, the duo premiered on the decks of Rec Room and created the signature sound of this club-within-a-club. The Balding Buddies selection varies between funk, electro, disco, and vodka. At the end of their sets, keep an ear out for gems such as Eddie Callahan's "Santa Cruz Mountains" about five or six times in a row, possibly seven.

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Piazza del Duomo

Palazzo Candiotti


Auditorium S. Domenico

Largo Frezzi


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