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Valerio Cosi IT, Digitalis Industries/ Dreamship


Saturday, July 4th 2015 // 00:30 // Serendipity Indoor Rec Room

Italian unpredictable polyinstrumentalist/composer working in the realm of psychedelic rock, free-jazz and electronic music since 2005.
"Collected Works" CD available on Porter Records
Valerio Cosi (February 7, 1985 in Taranto) is an Italian saxophonist/multi-instrumentalist who has worked with several international labels in the 2000s (decade). His works have elements of free-jazz, electronic music, krautrock, psychedelic rock and ethnic music.
In 2006, Cosi's first record called "Immortal Attitudes" appeared on Digitalis Industries's sub-label Foxglove. Between the years 2006-2009 he had many of his solo and collaborative works released on CD-R, CD and LP: "Pulga Loves You" on Fire Museum Records (a collaboration with Vanessa Rossetto, called Pulga), "The Three Faces Of Moongod" (Ruralfaune), "Conference Of The Aquarians" (recorded with Enzo Franchini) on Last Visible Dog, two albums with the Italian electronic musician Fabio Orsi ("We Could For Hours" and "Thoughts Melt In The Air") on A Silent Place and Preservation, a split 7-inch with Italian experimental duo My Cat Is An Alien, the trilogy of "Freedom Meditation Music" on Ruby Red Editora/Oneiros/Students Of Decay and the acclaimed work "Heavy Electronic Pacific Rock" on Digitalis Industries.He also toured Europe playing with several artists, including the Portuguese band Os Loosers, and has been invited by Daniel Snaith to open shows for the Canadian act Caribou (musician). Cosi's musical work also gained attention from the international music press like The Wire and Pitchfork. In 2009, Cosi signed a 5-years contract with Porter Records (USA), which released his first compilation of solo material called "Collected Works", right before gradually disappearing from the music scene.
In 2013 La Repubblica included his figure in an article about "the 10 Italian underground musicians you absolutely have to know" and he went back to live appearances. In 2014 he has published a new solo record called "Plays Popol Vuh" on Dreamsheep.

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