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Not Waving IT, Ecstatic


Saturday, July 4th 2015 // 02:30 // Serendipity Indoor Rec Room

Not Waving is the project of producer and live electronic musician Alessio Natalizia. Hailing from Vasto, a small town on the Adriatic coast of Italy, Natalizia moved to London in 2006. His music channels a wealth of analogue machine sounds into a dusty, swirling space urged on by throbbing arpeggios and an adrenalised but ice-cool EBM dance floor spirit. It's timelessly intangible and spectral, a place out of space-and-time, futuristic yet instinctively primitive. He debuted his live show at this year's Meltdown Festival at the Southbank in London and was also part of now defunct Kompakt's techno ambient duo Walls. Winning fans such as Trevor Jackson, James Holden, Daniel Avery and Powell he's been hitting a golden streak of vinyl and cassette releases on his own label Ecstatic Recordings (including the recent 'Intercepts' split LP with Pye Corner Audio) and on Emotional Response, Not Waving will release a new double album on Powell's excellent Diagonal label in September 2015. Pulsating analog electronics moulding his krautish palette into drowsy head-spinners bangers and pillow-soft ambience FACT Brilliant raw, emotive electronic music THE QUIETUS Disquieting XXJFG From challenging noise to glacial grandeur. A rich and varied tapestry of electronica CLASH Simply breathtaking JUNO PLUS. 

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