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Tempelhof IT, Hell Yeah


Friday, July 3rd 2015 // 19:30 // Palazzo Trinci

Tempelhof is an Italian electronic music duo founded in 2007 by Luciano Ermondi and Paolo Mazzacani. After releasing the debut album “We were not there for the beginning, we won’t be there for the end” in 2009 on Distraction Records (UK), Tempelhof starts collaborating with Hell Yeah Recordings, releasing 2 EP's “You K” and “City Airport”, and a full length, “Frozen Dancers”, receiving positive reviews in Italy and abroad. The band's live shows, featuring rare visuals provided by the mysterious Sorry Boy, are some sort of mystic audio-video experiences and have earned Tempelhof quite a name in the scene. Summer 2014 is marked by the release of “Hoshi”, first output of the collaboration between the duo and Gigi Masin, godfather of Italian ambient music. The encounter is particularly fortunate, an epiphany, and “Hoshi” is quickly greeted as a classic of the so-called “Balearic” non-genre, featured in many end-of-year editors' picks. The album gets an exclusive Japanese CD release (and re-release) on Calentito, Hell Yeah's partner. The Hoshi experience, the mutual friendship and esteem urged Tempelhof and Gigi Masin to dive into a second chapter of their shared artistic journey, due late summer, further escaping every genre and labelling to embrace an all-encompassing sound.

Piazza del Duomo

Palazzo Candiotti


Auditorium S. Domenico

Largo Frezzi


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