Dancity festival

electronic music and digital arts festival

Cabaret Contemporain FR, Versatile


Saturday, July 4th 2015 // 18:00 // Palazzo Trinci

Musical genres, the composer/player relationship, acoustic and electronic music are becoming obsolete concepts. Cabaret Contemporain is working on the creation of a true language and vocabulary of sounds, a new way of playing and musical codes, allowing them to approach musical material in an original way. Sound research is in the heart of their work: each musician of Cabaret Contemporain develops a radical approach to their instruments, with techniques, preparations, and original ways of playing. Sounds that normally belong to the electronic music field are produced by completely acoustic means. Individual technical virtuosity is never the goal of Cabaret. They are aiming for a virtuosity of orchestration, a virtuosity of mix, fusion of each musician’s proposition, to generate a new sound entity where individual voices become impossible to distinguish. The projects of Cabaret, all starting from pre-existing musical materials, are characterised by the same originality. “Tribute to Moondog” was created at La Maison de La Musique de Nanterre and at Le Lieu Unique de Nantes in January 2014. Cabaret Contemporain also created a “Bal” at L’Odéon de Tremblay-en- France in november 2013. During the season 2014-2015, the band will be in residency at La Maison de La Musique de Nanterre, L’Odéon de Tremblay-en-France and at L’Arsenal de Metz to create a new project called “The Man Machine: Cabaret Contemporain plays Kraftwerk with Linda Olah”.

Piazza del Duomo

Palazzo Candiotti


Auditorium S. Domenico

Largo Frezzi


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