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Dracula Lewis IT, Hundebiss


Friday, July 3rd 2015 // 00:30 // Serendipity Indoor Rec Room

Call his music what you will; noise, space punk, hypnagothic... You’ll never quite be able to put your finger on it, which is what makes Dracula Lewis such a unique artist. Born in Romania but currently living in Italy, were the locals refer to him as 'A Gypsy, his output is one of deep listening, lo-fi aggressive electronics with weird field recordings but also a spacey melodic sweet sound. Lewis grew up reading metal magazines, skateboarding and playing football. He started his musical journey playing in different crust & punk bands. His music draws on influences ranging from early dub studio techniques, Throbbing Gristle, Suicide, Wolf Eyes, Lee Perry, Harry Smith, Royal Trux and early 80's hardcore-punk. By 2007 he had his hands full, juggling his video and art installation work with his newly formed vinyl label Hundebiss, turning exquisitely crafted limited origami-packaged records featuring the music of such talents as Hair Police, James Ferraro, Aaron Dilloway, Sewn Leather, Jaws, and more. 2008 saw the birth of Dracula Lewis as we know him today, and by 2010 he found himself living and working out of a Milan squat, where he set up an illegal club, Hundebiss Secret Place, running secret gigs for two years. He released tapes, 7"s and a split Lp with Ducktails with No Fun Productions, and he has toured the US and Europe playing with Hundebiss artists, hitting the festival circuit, shitty bars, stinky squats, restaurants and even a planetarium. One year after his debut album, U$e Your Illu$ion$, Dracula Lewis is back with a new release on Hundebiss Records called Technical XTC, an hour-long mixtape produced by an international network of musicians.

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