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Sauro Cosimetti IT, Memento


Saturday, June 28th 2014 // 19:30 // Largo Frezzi
DJ Set

He starts his career in 1980 playing in many clubs in Perugia, and in 1983 at the Odeon Music All disco, where he meets DJs such as DJ Moz-Art, Daniele Baldelli, TB and other important names of the African music landscape that will influence his skills and music experience positively. In1987, at the dawn of house music, he works in different clubs of Umbria and Tuscany (Scorpio, Fullup) creating his own musical niche, and in the same year he settles at the Quasar disco club (Perugia) where he experiments with fusion between dance music and house music. A significant date of his career is the opening of the the Red Zone Club (Perugia 1988), a historical attraction for thousands of young people from across Italy and Europe, and where he settled as resident for the following 2 decades. Among the many clubs that have hosted this eclectic DJ are Echoes, Club 99, Kinki, Ethos Mama Club, Plastic, Heaven, Pacha, Goa, Piper, Horus, and others scattered over the Adriatic Italian coast, Naples, as well as abroad (London, Germany, Iceland, France, Switzerland, Spain and North America).


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