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LSC Showcase IT, Astro:Dynamics/Really Swing/Acido/Best Company/Nute/A.C.-T


Saturday, June 28th 2014 // 17:00 // Largo Frezzi

LSC: Sounds from different times and places, unified in an ideal context
In 2010, two young fellows from Naples created the LSC project: they are Gennaro Leone and Adriano Di Somma. Their advanced idea of clubbing gives the music a pivotal role – they simply ignore everything that is trendy and glamorous and try to offer house, techno and live sets at the highest levels, without caring too much about the public’s taste, which sometimes can be skeptical about more extreme experimentation. The group’s main task is to create a union between people who complete alinate themselves in the music, and those who love and hate everything that is too sponsored but sold as an underground product.

Dave Saved is a very young artist from Naples who works for the British label Astro:Dynamics, remastered by Vessel. In his live sets he offers a passionate musical substance, elegantly mixing techno and psychedelic music. He creates a sound that is classic and innovative at the same time with a special ability to merge experimentation and dance music.

Adriano di Somma, aka Adru, is a popular DJ from Naples whose musical taste goes from  techno and house to acid and minimal sounds. He is the promoter of many events, co-founder and LSC resident. He is also currently a member of “JAM”, a Naples-based cultural association. Adru is devoted to records and all sorts of analog devices, and his constant research of new sounds is visible through the years. He played with Blawan, Ben Ufo, Steffi, The Analogue Cops, Pearson Sound, Morphosis, Funkineven.

In 2010 together with Francesco Morfini he created "Resi.Duo": for many years they have been performing in nearly all Naples clubs and in 2013 they finally became LSC residents. In 2014 he decided to buy a Korg EMX1, starting the "NPLGNN" project with a clear interest for UK bass music and loads of German and Chicago influences. His productions have lately caught the attention of the Hessle Audio crew. He is about to release a tape for the Nute label and a 12-inch record for A.C.-T.


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