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S/V/N Showcase


Friday, June 27th 2014 // 23:30 // Serendipity

S/V/N Showcase

S/V/N/ (SAVANA) is a musical and artistic exhibition, leading into new territories of sounds and multimedia art, reinterpreting the most suggestive urban areas of Milan and its metropolitan surroundings. Born in 2012 to create an unprecedented scene in Italy, S/V/N aims to glance over the fruition of art and contemporary music in a different way, it contributes to making unusual situations stand out, to discovering new local and international talents.

The project started in 2011 with the meeting of Italian Matteo Pit, and Jim C. Nedd, also from northern Italy, but with Columbian and Guyanese roots. They were both born in 1991, and consider themselves innovators and animators of the Milan nightlife. The "primitive" aspects in question do not allude to historical avant-garde currents, but to an instictive, tribal approach, paradoxically related to digital cultures. Their sound, hypnotic and technoid, indicates a borderline place of the imagination that flirts with clubbing and its methods, with visual arts, and with a developing afro-futurist identity. Their first EP, Problems, came out for Hundebiss Records in 2013.


Stargate is a brand new project by Lorenzo Senni, owner of Presto!? Rec and Burgerdreams (under his, real name he also released an LP on Mego Editions).
Lorenzo makes a kind of shimmering, sludged and epic hybrid that sounds somewhere between Hype Williams, a narcotic variant of AraabMuzik and slowed down, inverted Trance. He falls in line with the subversive aesthetics of James Ferraro and Dracula Lewis as well, and starts off more or less where Daniel 'Oneohtrix' Lopatin left his KGB Man alias with Ian Van Dahl's 'Castles In The Sky'.
Stargate is something in between the pre-sleep Tetris Effect and trance music in slowmotion; soft synth arpeggios smoothly modulate up to brutally danceable supersawed patterns and disintegrate into fragments of tasteful smoothed analog noise. It's like if you open the doors of an Ibiza club at 5 am and your eyes start twisting, your brain is gently stretched & pitched down at -50 and you are locked into the longest "build-up" ever. Unique and truly inspired 100% uplifting music from "2095".

Shari DeLorian is an Italian techno producer and sound engineer based in Milan. He's grown up performing and producing Detroit and Industrial Techno since mid of the first 2000 decade. His debut EP was Caporetto, with colombian label Black Leather Records, in 2010, followed by Midnight Memories EP in 2012 with the same record label.
He released also several remixes for Forgotten Sunrise, Richter, Cute Heels, Skatramp, Bizarre Collection and others. His last work, Sunset On Stalingrad EP, has been released by RXSTNZ, a Milan­based record label.
His love for classical and contemporary music influenced this EP, where you can hear samples from the past, mixed with a dark industrial techno touch.
He runs since 2011 Blau Studio, as sound engineer and music producer for advertising and soundtracks. He performs as dj and, above all, as live performer, since 2004.


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