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The DANCITY // WETRANSFER // OPEN CALL was closed last May, and the winners have now been selected. GATEWAY is not only the concept of the ninth edition of Dancity Festival, which will liven the city of Foligno for three days starting on June 26th, but also the theme of the open call for artists, photographers, illustrators, video makers and designers who had the chance to present their projects within Dancity Festival, in an exclusive location such as the halls of Palazzo Candiotti.
Many entries were received for the Open Call thanks to the visibility offered by WeTransfer, technical partner of the call for tender and only tool used for transmitting projects. After careful analysis, the names of the ten selected artists and collectives, which have earned a spot in Dancity Festival Gateway, portal of exchange and experimentation in art, are being made public today.

We begin with Another Studio, a young collective of photographers based in Rome, proposing a series of portraits on social themes entitled On the Threshold; then , a sound art project by composer Daria Baiocchi, entitled Plasma. Davide Fasolo, painter and documentary maker, will exhibit his digital work A walkthrough, while for the installations section the public will be captivated by the site specific work In Fluxus by Nicole Voltan, young artist from Veneto with a strong scientific aptitude, which brought her to work on the concept of "bonds". Marco Morandi, a light design and multimedia artist (Progetto Lucina) gives us a chance to interact directly with his work, while Davide Calvaresi with his project Tombo analyzes tradition in a contemporary setting, and the contact between the two. V O I D, based in Bruxelles, are presenting an installation called Magnetic Field. Federica Di Carlo has instead interpreted the theme Gateway by exploring the confines of the rainbow and the variable dislocation of man, with the work entitled Every thing is Illuminated. Body movement and video projection are the aspects developed by Martin Romeo in his interactive performance Label; lastly, the duo made up by  Marco Marzuoli and Alessandro Sergente, called htcos, analyzes data exchange and the relation between input and feedback with Conversation.

These are the protagonists which will fill the 10 halls of the historical building, but only one of them will have the chance for international online visibility with a background on the official WeTransfer homepage.

The winner will be selected by a Dancity Festival panel, along with our neighbors and strong supporters: our friends at roBOt Festival in Bologna (Sept. 20, Oct. 1-5, 2014), veterans in the fields of digital and multimedia projects thanks to call4roBOt.

The show opening will be on Thursday, June 26th at 6 pm at Palazzo Candiotti in Largo Frezzi, Foligno (PG).
Free entry

Public opening hours: Thursday, June 26th (6pm - 10pm), Friday June 27th, Saturday June 28th (10am-1pm, 3pm-9pm)

Info: leonora@dancityfestival.com


2014/06/28 Free visit at Il Carapace of Tenuta Castelbuono


The Festival ends tonight.
Don't throw out your green wristband!
Wear it on a visit to Il Carapace of Tenuta Castelbuono for a free guided tour.
To guarantee a pleasant tour and avoid crowds, we suggest you make a reservation by calling +39 0742 361670.




Dancity Festival 2014 “Gateway” is glad to announce the winner of Dancity//WeTransfer//OpenCall, who will have international visibility thanks to the background hosted by WeTransfer. The photo depicting the work was created by photographer Luca Petrucci in Foligno.

The first ten artists of the call were selected for [..]



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What exactly is this "Gateway"? Here is an explanation by Dr. Yuya Shimazaki.
Dancity Festival 2014 "Gateway", Official Teaser



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