Snuff Crew
Gigolo Records, Nature, Playhouse, Rush Hour - GER

It’s all about Jack! The Snuff Crew loves Chicago House. And the traxx of the mysterious collective from Germany work true to the slogan “Jack your body”. There’s also an Italo Disco and Acid House influence on their work. But the most important thing is fun. The fun to jack, the fun to party, the fun to make music and the fun to play music for people.


The Snuff Crew Livesets are always a real live experience and sound more like a Jam-Session with a minimal setup.

Snuff Crew also works as a passionate remixer and already covered remixes for people like DJ Hell, Hard Ton and Kids on TV.




Snuff Crew - God  (Nature Records, 2008)

Snuff Crew - We make you scream (digital on Gigolo Records, 2008)

Snuff Crew - Lovefreak (Playhouse Records, 2009)

Snuff Crew - Feel Inside (Hour House Is Your Rush, 2009)

Snuff Crew - Your Soul (digital on Soul Shift Music, 2009)

Snuff Crew - Berghain (Gigolo Records, 2009)

Snuff Crew - Snuff Crew (LP) (Gigolo Records)


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Snuff Crew - photo by K
Snuff Crew - photo by K


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