Born in Italy in 1973, Marco Socci aka Dj Soch grew up in his small native town in Umbria in the centre of Italy.His passion for music soon develops.Since he was a very young boy he had been attracted to the charm of instruments, and percussion instruments soon become his favourite.As a child he played anything, recalling the sound of drums from pots to cardboard boxes.Music was his favourite subject, it’s the one thing he was really good at, gifted with the ability to learn it easily even without studying hard, thanks to his inborn musical sensitivity.Starting from 1986 to 1987, and increasingly there on, he began realising that music gave him the ability to communicate with people, not only by playing instruments, but also through combining tracks and playing records.His music had always been different from the typical dance scene of these years, especially prominent in his region.He mixes up funk, rap, hip house, techno Detroit and house music in all its evolution (acid, deep, garage etc.), and although he accomplished his own innovative blend of sound, it takes years before he has the opportunity to play outside the arena of private parties and expose himself to the general public.The first club he performs in is MITO, a popular nightspot where he introduces its patrons to house music.Some years later, Marco and his friend Fabrizio B. found the magazine MAG “moves and groove”, a monthly paper dealing with music and underground youth culture.The leaflet is an outstanding thanks to the cooperation of several renown insiders such as dj Viceversa, Joe Montana, Mbg, Ivan Iacobucci, Roby J, Danilove, Farfa, Tommy B., and Victor Simonelli.The MAG is distributed throughout the most important Clubs in Italy (Prince, Plastic, Gap Meccano, Pacha, Aqua, RedZone, Area City, Insomnia, Fitzcarraldo, etc.) and in the most prominently known record shops for Djs (DiscoInn, Remix, Match Music store); it is produced thanks to Radio Rete Più, a private radio station.In 1999 he produces some soundtracks for the Siemens cellular phone C25, becoming therefore one of its testimonials. In the meantime he appears as a special guest and as the resident dj in several clubs around of Italy: Mito, Aqua, Cyborg , Momà , Red Zone , Village, Mivida , Superbia , Clique , Norman Club , Etoile 54. Blue Kaos , H Disco, Club 64, Feeback, Magiuma, Stomp,....and is finally able to hit the national general public.His enthusiastic enterprising spirit leads him to organise, in collaboration with some of his dj colleagues and friends, some One Night Events among which Freezone and Rebirth that took place in the historical Italian club: the Norman Club where Ralf, (one of the most famous Italian Djs), kick off his career and where masters of Afro music played variations from Mozart to Baldelli.He then moved on to being a deejay and musical consultant for Max and Co. (a leading Max Mara fashion group) and La Perla during the fashion events in Milan.Together with Joe Montana, DJ and producer, he made some tracks for Deep Touch Rec. Miami, US and Zenith Ibiza Rec., Ibiza.They are currently working on new projects like Onomusic (new label and radio program every Wednesday on is continuously looking for new vibrations and is renown for experimenting with new and different sounds on his nights. With House Music as his dominating sound, he considers music to be not only fun and entertainment, but as a fundamental means of communication to transmit his talent and his message to the public.

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Soch, foto Adriano Ninassi


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