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Micamat is Michele Giovannini, born in 1979 in Romagna. He lives in Bologna, where he works after getting his graduation in Architecture/Engineering. Until he was ten years old he has been playing classic guitars, experimenting new techniques and accordatures which permitted him to create his personal style and armonies. Later he apprended to play drums and percussions. He started playing in a death metal band when he was fourteen years old, and then, in a crossover/experimental band. After some transformations, the band moves towards Jim O'Rourke's post rock style, but the members decide to give up wih the band some months later. When he moves to Bologna, Micamat starts playing on his own, with guitars and other instruments, using SoundForge and Acid softwares. He composes many semi-acoustic songs with electronic influences, such as trip-hop and similars. After the degree he finally manages to spend some more time in creating music and finds out that Ableton Live allows him to record his electric guitars lines and to easily manipulate them in real time. In 2006 he composes several tracks that will be part of his debut on Homework Records Netlabel. Micamat has played live at Homework Festival 4.0 (Bologna, May '06) and in several events, such as the Festival della Filosofia (Philosophy Festival), as the opening act of the Santos' set. Micamat's sound tries to fuse pure north european electronic and instrumental noise-ambient improvisations, which result in a revolutionary glitch pop (the legend tells he plays electric guitars using engineer's rulers!). Micamat's personal dreamy style clearly comes out in his first LP on Homework Records Netlabel.

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